Remote-online teacher training

Debate Mate’s online learning opportunities to provide participants with meaningful learning experiences in a variety of formats and time frames, accommodating the most complex schedule.

Webinars or Web Conferencing

Using high quality video and integrated voice conferencing, webinars offer auditory and visual interactive experiences. Conferencing is available from multiple locations for a single attendee, small groups or larger audiences. Web Conferencing provides interactive training which models the best-practice of our in person training to any location. Webinars enable participants to learn specific processes, collaborate, consult and receive continuous support to enhance other professional learning opportunities.

Online Consultation

Online training is supported by remote consultation through webinar which allows education specialists to work with you to plan and embed the training in your school. Our content experts work with individual schools to develop a longer relationship, with the aim of introducing debating and inspiring your students to learn through the Debate Mate methodology.