In-person training

Debate Mate deliver in-person learning opportunities designed to empower teachers with a rich and relevant interactive learning experience. In person delivery allows our dedicated training team to interact with teachers, collaborate on the creation of resources and coach them to become champions of debating in their schools. The in-person training combines instructional tutoring with experience based learning to deliver a comprehensive professional development programme.

In-person training is bespoke and can be delivered for a variety of needs, from setting up and running a debating club to introducing a whole-school approach to debating in the curriculum.

Why is debating an effective tool in the classroom?

  • Develops key communication and oracy skills in your lessons
  • Support with Differentiation: SEN students can excel through oral work; more able students’ arguments are constantly challenged; EAL students can gain confidence in spoken English.
  • Develops the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills of pupils, making them creative and independent thinkers.
  • Enriches classroom learning, by offering a fun and exciting way for pupils to engage with the curriculum and each other through group work.

Sample Twilight Training

Session One

What is debating?

Introduction to debating, why is it relevant and why should we use it in the classroom?

Session Two

Using debating activities in the classroom

Interactive, practical activities and exercises focussed on developing key skills: making arguments, responding to arguments, speaking with confidence, and structuring your ideas. Each activity is followed by reflection on how it can be adapted into the classroom. 

Session Three

Consultancy time!

Debate Mate trainers work with small groups to support with planning how to use the activities. Outcomes for this session includes planning schemes of work, creating individual lesson plans, and cascading CPD

Session Four

Running a full debate

How to set up and run a full class debate, judge and give feedback. Teachers will participate in a full debate with judging feedback