Our programmes provide opportunities for your students to become independent thoughtful learners who communicate well with each other, engage in the curriculum, and the world around them in a meaningful way. The skills developed through the Debate Mate approach to debating; critical and creative thinking, communication, leadership and teamwork, are vital for the 21st Century world. These skills are honed through a programme that, at its core, enhances confidence, resilience, empathy and emotional capacity.

The Debate Mate methodology teaches communication in an innovative, engaging and enjoyable way, and develops key 21st Century skills to create modern learners. By employing top university students,  recent graduates and qualified teachers, Debate Mate instill skills for life. Our programmes lead students to become truly global citizens, imbued with inquisitiveness, an awareness of the world around them, and the means to communicate across national borders. This aspirational outlook in combination with a unique skill-set, will set young people apart, wherever they are from. It’s also a highly enjoyable way to develop spoken English.

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What we offer

All of our programmes use Debate Mate’s tried-and-tested teaching methodology and are entirely bespoke to the needs of our partners. We can work with students of all ages and abilities, with no limit to the number of participants. Our Teacher Training programmes are suitable for teachers across all subjects, key stages and grades.

Our three-day debating festival led by Debate Mate made a huge impact on our students and staff. We genuinely saw our students grow over the course of those few days and the energy and passion provided by the Debate Mate team will have a lasting impact on our school.

— Paul Friend, Former Headmaster at Dulwich College Shanghai

Why debate?

21st century and employability skills

Debating equips young people with the confidence to lead and communicate effectively, work in a team, think analytically and creatively while fostering resilience, and emotional intelligence. It engages students with the wider world and important global issues. Taken together debating creates well-rounded, highly skilled future employees.


Increased academic attainment and achievement

Debating develops high achievers who are adept at dealing with complex material. It develops critical and creative thinking, which directly translates to the ability to problem-solve. Our methodology is proven to improve students’ capacity to use formal English and to listen in an active and productive way. It is also particularly effective at improving literacy and spoken formal English.


College, university and careers

Debating naturally equips young people with the ability to perform exceptionally at university interviews. It also stands out above all other extra-curricular activities on a personal statement or CV. The transferable skills guarantee success when at university, and the network that debating creates continues to be beneficial throughout university and into their careers.


Taught by the highest achieving debates and professionals in the world

We use a combination of world class debaters, mentors and qualified teachers from the world’s leading universities, including Oxford, Harvard, LSE, Imperial College and Monash. Many of them are currently excelling as lawyers, bankers, engineers, doctors and technology executives. Our trainers spend in-depth time with the students, and in addition to teaching them debating, mentor them in a wider capacity too.