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Applications are now open for 90 schools from across England, Scotland and Wales to take part in the Mock Council of the European Union and the new Local Debates Programme. Both events are free of charge.

Check out the highlights of the 2016 programme:

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Teachers can now apply for their schools to participate in the Local Debate Programme, the top 30 schools from the programme will be invited to participate in the EU Mock Council in London in November. We welcome students of all abilities and experience levels, including those new to debating.

To apply click here.

Mock Council of the European Union 2017: English, Scottish and Welsh schools and colleges.


The Local Debates Programme will be held over a full day in London, Manchester, Bristol and Durham in late September/October. They are designed to equip your students with essential skills for the Mock Council and beyond. Through a series of interactive workshops and tutorials, students will learn the fundamentals of debating and begin to explore the complex issues surrounding the Brexit negotiations..

The event will run from 09:30-15:30 and include workshops on making arguments, speaking persuasively, structuring ideas and responding to challenge. The training will be delivered by Debate Mate, a global education organisation, with ten years of experience in the field.

Students will then participate in a Debating Challenge on a Brexit related topic. They will have preparation time on the day as the motions will not be released in advance. The highest scoring schools from across the UK will then be invited to participate in the EU Mock Council.

In the EU Mock Council, 30 schools are each assigned the role of an EU member state or an EU institution and simulate a meeting of the EU’s Council of Ministers on twoBrexit related topics. Two students from each school must research these policy areas and represent their adopted country or institution at the Council meeting.

Who can apply

Applications are welcome from secondary schools and further education colleges across England, Scotland and Wales. Schools without prior experience in debating, or the Mock Council, are encouraged to apply.

Schools can nominate 2 students, aged 16-18, to participate and must have an adult accompanying them throughout the programme.

Applications are open now and will close on 17th July; successful schools will be notified shortly afterwards. Local Debates will take place in September-October 2017. The EU Mock Council will take place in November, in Central London.

The proposals discussed in 2016 are available below:

1. How could the UK continue to participate in the EU’s Erasmus+ educational programme? And should it?

2. How could the UK continue to be a member of the European Arrest Warrant as a non-EU country? And should it?

You can see the proposals here.

The 2017 Mock Council of the European Union in England, Scotland and Wales is organised by the European Commission Representation in the UK, the British Council and Debate Mate.

Application Terms and Conditions

  • This application form may only be completed by teachers; students may not apply.
  • We will be recruiting two pupils to be accompanied by one teacher (on the day of the events) from each of the schools. The programme will be delivered to 90 schools for the Local Debate Programme and 30 schools for the final Mock Council. Schools will be required to state a reserve teacher, and two reserve students, in the case those selected cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances. The same students and teacher would be present at both the local debates and at the Mock Council event in November, if selected.
  • Teachers present during the events will be observers.
  • Students must be between the ages of 16-18 throughout the programme.
  • Students – if they wish so – may speak in another European Union language during their opening statement at the Mock Council event in November. Interpreters will be present.
  • A pre-requisite for participation will be consent to being filmed and photographed during the event; all teachers and parents of students selected will be asked to fill in a form confirming permission.

Timelines & Deadlines

  • Applications close on 12th July at 11:59pm
  • Schools will be notified of their place on the Local Debate Programme shortly afterwards
  • Local Debates will take place in London, Manchester, Bristol and Durham in late September-early October at central locations.
  • The top 30 schools will be notified of their place at the EU Mock Council by 20thOctober
  • The EU Mock Council will take place in Central London in November 2017 if they are travelling from outside London (defined as outside of the M25).


  • There is no travel allowance for schools to attend the Local Debate Programme
  • Travel tickets will be provided to schools successful in qualifying for the Mock Council, if they are travelling from outside London (defined as outside of the M25)
  • Accommodation will be provided for schools in a hotel in London the night before the Mock Council for schools who are selected.

If you have any queries, or need clarification, please contact us via


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